Effective Research Amplification

Effective Research Amplification – You’ve got the data, now what?
B2B Content Marketing is generally viewed as a long-term investment, moving prospects “top of funnel.” Broad strokes, yes. But that’s a bit too one-size-fits-all – B2B content marketing can work toward many different goals.

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The Benefits of B2B Market Research

Research is crucial in clarifying several factors for marketing and executive teams. Brand perception, marketplace perception, and problem/solution topics are highly subjective, and internal perceptions based on “expertise” are often misguided Objective facts – data – provide a basis for both internal product roadmapping and outward facing marketing that stands to address real problems in AdTech

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Creating Credible Data-Driven B2B Marketing Content

Most adTech companies are lousy marketers. They tend to invest first into core tech, then sales, customer service, operations… marketing receives the remaining budget scraps. Top-of-funnel marketing – Content Marketing – is rarely (and wrongly) not made a priority.  Here’s a primer on how to think about creating credible, data-driven B2B Marketing Content for adTech.

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