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Do Consumers Want Targeted Healthcare Ads?

PulsePoint engaged Industry Index to study consumers’ perceptions on digital healthcare advertising – do consumers view targeted ads as part of their education mix, illuminating a significant opportunity for healthcare marketers?


PulsePoint believes in better health outcomes through technology and data.

PulsePoint worked with Industry Index to design and conduct in-market research to define and clarify consumer perceptions of targeted digital healthcare advertising. Our study measured the potential for such advertising to inform and motivate, including consumers’ openness to, and trust in the information of targeted ads, likelihood of consumer action, and willingness to share personal information in exchange for information. 

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Industry Index developed a grounded hypothesis: By using advertising as a vehicle to provide relevant educational information, marketers can engage with consumers, building effective, meaningful relationships.

Based on this hypothesis, we designed a quantitative survey for consumer respondents, including questions designed to provide data and insights on:

• Openness to targeted digital healthcare advertising

• Trust in information and willingness to respond

• Degrees of trust and engagement based on publisher types and ad formats

• Informational impacts and effects

• Sensitivity to advertising based on specific conditions

• Willingness to share personal data




Key takeaways from our research include:


59% of consumers are likely to respond regardless of where an ad is shown online

74% are likely to respond to an ad providing an opportunity to receive educational materials

72% of consumers want to see ads regarding products which may improve an existing condition

46% are open to seeing ads for any condition, regardless of sensitivity

55% are open to sharing personal data collected via smart device to receive relevant ads


PulsePoint continues to demonstrate themselves as leaders in healthcare advertising. As this industry continues to evolve to meet more sophisticated consumer needs, healthcare marketers must recognize the opportunity, leveraging PulsePoint’s expertise and sophisticated technology to create highly-personalized, meaningful brand experiences.


Industry Index offers a combination of high-touch customer service and domain expertise. We chose them because they were able to customize the partnership to fit our needs where other firms offered cookie-cutter research packages.

Maria Simeone
Senior Director of Marketing, PulsePoint


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