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How Should Marketers Navigate the Convergence of TV & Video Advertising?

VideoAmp engaged Industry Index to study brand marketer and agency executive perceptions on video advertising. This research illuminated where and why marketers are challenged, and which group is best positioned to lead the way on cross-screen video platform adoption.


VideoAmp positions themselves as thought leaders and innovators of tech that enables unified video planning and buying across TV and digital.

VideoAmp worked with Industry Index to design and conduct in-market research to define and clarify market perceptions of video advertising among brand and agency marketers: how they view an innovation- and data-rich video ecosystem, how it affects upfront, linear TV, and digital video buys, and wether brands or agencies should lead the charge in cross-screen platform tech adoption. 

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Industry Index and VideoAmp developed a clear hypothesis: Major brands and agencies are at a crossroads. If they fail to effectively leverage omni-channel practices, selling linear and digital video advertising, they will likely start losing market share to faster-moving competitors. 

Based on this hypothesis, Industry Index designed a quantitative survey for brand and agency respondents, including questions designed to provide data and insights on:

• Awareness, understanding of technologies, integration tools for omni-channel advertising

• Previous vs. current year video budget allocations (digital v. TV v. Integrated)

• Current technology deployments and usage, including cross-channel advertising
and omni-channel technologies and tools

• Beliefs and perceptions regarding the effectiveness of omni-channel campaigns


Brands more often represented by CMO/EVP Marketing, SVP/VP Marketing and Directors

Agencies more often included Media Buyer/Planners

 All influence the purchase of digital and/or TV advertising as part of current job



Key takeaways from our research include:


46% of Media Buyers plan to use a CSP for Linear TV, VOD, OTT & Digital Video in 2018

85% believe that failing to adopt a CSP will be detrimental to overall marketing efforts

Agencies will lead the way, proving CSPs will provide the most effective means of reaching highly-coveted audiences for brands across all TV and video channels 


The industry was clearly eager for thought leadership on TV & Video advertising convergence – this deeply engaging, sometimes provocative white paper earned 750+ downloads in the first week alone. Additionally, WisePR generated earned media in 11 publications, including B&CMediapost, and AdTech Daily


“Our research reveals that trying to meet cross-screen needs in well-orchestrated campaigns – on disparate TV and digital video platforms – is nearly impossible. The time has come for the industry to catch-up with consumers’ media consumption habits with entirely new data models and fully integrated, unified platforms.”

Jay Prasad
Chief Strategy Officer, VideoAmp